My First Post

I’m a mother who is stumbling through her first blog post.  I wouldn’t be doing this but for my younger daughter’s encouragement (insistence!) that I try it.  I did want to document my thoughts, ideas and photos from our trip this past Winter Holiday to parts of Europe and Africa and rather than a written scrapbook, we thought this might be a good medium to try.  I could also share it with friends and family and others.  I might even get some conversations with others about my ideas, feelings and misperceptions.  Seems a good goal.  I will give it a try.  Slogging through the newbie phase of learning yet another new medium is tedious however, especially when it requires reading glasses to do so.  Sigh.

So I can add different topics other than just the one two week trip with my daughters.  I can add future trips we have planned to Greece and to India later this year.  I also ride horses and have my own black/white pinto Tennessee Walking Horse mare (named Peppercorn) and she has two miniature Mediterranean donkey companions (Edie and Thyme).  They will provide much fun discussion and photos.

I also run with a women-only running group year-round. We also have a 4 Miler race training program to encourage women who have never run before to try the sport and learn about themselves in the process.  My younger daughter and I participate in this during the summer months.  This could be a place to share my thoughts and experiences with others.

I also enjoy knitting, cooking, reading, gardening, etc.  These will provide other pages of topics.  I don’t know if these will be of interest to anyone but myself – but the process of writing can be therapeutic and I will undoubtedly improve in my skills.  I can also share with my friends and family who might have interest.